Security Supervisors
Our SIA registered security supervisors take a professional approach and remain focused on their responsibilities...


We offer our in-depth knowledge on training in a variety of crucial areas. Contact us for further details and we will provide you with more information and pricing.

Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence

One of the most crucial factors of getting into security industry, is acquiring yourself an SIA licence. We offer extensive progression exercises to aid you in achieving this goal.

Door Supervision Techniques

We offer you our extensive knowledge on proving yourself as a reliable asset to any organisation. Sound negotiation techniques and the ability to think under pressure, are important factors in a successful outcome with your client.

Close Protection Techniques

Again, we offer in-depth information on how to best deal with your chosen client. It is vital that a quality relationship is formed and maintained, to ensure all operations that are imposed on you, have a positive and effective outcome.

First Aid

An absolute must for any security officer on duty. The ability to carry out first aid is of the greatest importance when the situation calls for it.

Close Circuit Television (CCTV) Equipment

Technology plays a huge part in every aspect of our work, and CCTV is no exception. In order to complete tasks efficiently and accurately, the ability to operate this machinery will only benefit you in your occupation.

Wheel Clamping

Should a chosen job require you to enforce this aspect of the law, we have the tools to teach you what situation calls for this action. Knowledge and understanding is everything when it comes to this aspect of your role.

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